Sunday, August 9, 2009

Thursday Thirteen about the Number Thirteen

Thirteen Facts about the Number Thirteen Why does the number 13 evoke feelings of uncertainty and uneasiness? Is it really an unlucky number? What started this stigma about 13? Here are thirteen facts: 1. Triskaidekaphobia means the fear of number 13. Tradition traces this fear of 13 at the table to the 2. Tradition traces this fear of 13 at the table to the Last Supper- Jesus dined with his twelve apostles. The inference was someone was going to die within a short time. Judas betrayed Jesus, overcome by his guilt, he hang himself. 3. Mythology has its own story. The Norse gods were having a banquet for 12 at the Valhalla when Loki, one of the evil gods gatecrashed the party. Balder was the god of light, joy and reconciliation. He had a blind brother whom Loki tricked into throwing a sprig of mistletoe on Balder’s chest which killed him ( Balder). Mistletoe is the only earthly thing that was fatal to Balder. 4. Into the Middle Ages, the stigma against Friday the 13th grew stronger. On Friday, October 13, 1307, King Phillip !V of France ordered the arrest of the Grand Master of the Knights Templar and his senior knights and other members. They were tortured to compel them to admit to “wrongdoings.” And they were executed. Sympathizers of the Templars condemned Friday the 13th as an evil day. 5. In the 18th century, the belief about Friday the 13th was reinforced. The British ship HMS Friday was launched on a Friday , the 13th , the captain was a man named Jim Friday. The ship was never seen nor heard from again. 6. Apollo 13 mission in 1970. It was launched on 1313 hours, from pad 39 ( 13 x 3), 3 of the sleeping arrangements for the astronauts were timed to start at 13 minutes past the hour and so was one of the possible splashdown. On April 13th, the first of the several setbacks to Apollo 13 occurred and this added drama to the mission. 7. In many hotels and skyscrapers, there is no 13th floor. 8. Most airplanes have no seat No. 13. 9. In Italy, it is usual to leave out 13 in numbering the lottery tickets. 10. Thirteen for dinner? Not in France. A party of thirteen can hire a professional quatorzieme, a fourteenth person, from an agency. 11. In some big hospitals, there is no Operating Room 13, to spare the patient added anxiety being wheeled into Room 13. 12. 13 is the ideal number of people in a coven. 13. It is believed that to left-handed people, 13 is their lucky number. Information taken from: Number Power by Keith Ellis

Friday, August 7, 2009

Excerpt Monday August

Excerpt Monday Logo This is something new I've been playing around with, in its earliest stage. Would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. REMOVED SINCE I'VE CHANGED MUCH OF THIS Note: I have not personally screened these excerpts. Please heed the ratings and be aware that the links may contain material that is not typical of my site. Mel/Alexia Reed, Urban Fantasy (R) and Bria Quinlan, Rom Com (PG) Joining us this week: AJ O'Donovan, Poetry (PG13) Stephanie Draven, Paranormal Romance (PG 13) Heather S.Ingemar, Dark Fantasy/Poetry (PG13) Babette James, Fantasy Romance (PG 13) Cynthia Justlin, Romantic Suspense (PG 13) Kaige, Historical Romance (PG 13) Julia Knight, Fantasy Romance (PG13) Ansha Kotyk, Middle Grade Adventure (PG13) Adelle Laudan, Contemporary Romance (PG 13) Jeannie Lin, Historical Romance (PG 13) RF Long, YA Paranormal (PG13) Caitlynn Lowe, Epic Fantasy (PG13) Shawntelle Madison, Paranormal Romance (PG 13) Crista McHugh, Contemporary Erotic Romance (PG 13) Bria Quinlan, Rom Com (PG) Leigh Royals, Historical Romance (PG 13) Megan S., Paranormal (PG13) Dara Sorensen, Historical Paranormal (PG 13) Bethanne Strasser, Historical Romance (PG13) Melissa Aires, Futuristic Romance (R) Melissa Blue, Contemporary Romance (R) Jax Cassidy, Contemporary (R) Christina DeLorenzo, Furturistic Sci-Fi (R) Maya Doyle, Parnormal Romance (R) Ginny Glass, Paranormal (R) Amber Green, Romantic Suspense (R) Cate Hart, Paranormal YA (R) Kinsey W. Holley, Erotic Romance (R) Ali Katz, Erotic Paranormal Romance (R) Aislinn Kerry, Fantasy (R) Inez Kelly, Fantasy Romance (R) Cherrie Lynn, Contemporary Erotic Romance (R) Mel/Alexia Reed, Urban Fantasy (R) Rebecca Savage, Romantic Suspense (R) Fae Sutherland, Contemporary Erotic Romance (R) Stephanie Adkins, Paranormal Erotic Romance (NC 17) Evie Byrne, Erotic Historical Romance (NC17) Ella Drake, Erotic Contemporary (NC17) Dawn Montgomery, Erotic Paranormal Romance (NC17) Lauren Murphy, Erotic Romance (NC 17) Kim Knox, Erotic Paranormal Romance (NC17) Emily Ryan-Davis, Historical Western Romance (NC17) Kirsten Saell, Erotic Fantasy Romance (NC 17) Jeanne St. James, Contemporary Romance (NC)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Lesser Known Superstitions about Humans 1. If a person’s ear is pulled, especially a child’s when he is told to do something, he will not forget it. 2. A flat chin signifies viciousness, a small chin, cowardice, a pointed chin, craftiness, a soft round chin, fondness for food, a square strong chin, self-restraint and willpower. 3. Women who have hair on their lips will be rich. 4. Bloodless lips denote an immoral and treacherous person. 5. A large number of wrinkles around the mouth signifies a tendency not to tell the truth. 6. If two persons by chance say the same thing at the same time, the superstition is that each must bite the little finger of the right hand while making a wish, and then quickly reach for the other one’s little finger and pull hard. This makes a hooked cross which holds a wish. If neither makes a sound to show pain when pulling the little finger, their wishes will come true. If there is an outcry, the wish will not come true. 7. If a female places her shoes beside her bed with the heel of one against the middle of the other, she will have happy dreams and good luck in love. (making a tau-cross). 8. Many brides believe that she should jump out of bed and land on both feet on her wedding day to ensure she doesn’t start off her married life on the wrong foot. 9. When you stumble, you should snap your fingers to frighten away whatever evil spirit was responsible for the mishap. 10. When a girl’s eyebrows meet, she’ll marry someone near home. 11. The ashes of the burnt shells of hazel nuts applied to the back of an infant’s head will insure the color of the iris in the baby’s eye from turning gray, bu will make them dark instead. 12. Combings and fallen hairs should be burned, or else a bird will weave these hairs into its nest and the person from whose head they came will go insane. 13. To make a cross with saliva and then touch the ear is a good formula for outwitting the one who is gossiping about you (Re. Ears ring when being talked about).

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

13 Quotes about Love After a hard couple of days, I needed some inspiration and chose it in quotes about love. What could be more inspiring than that? Amy Bloom: Love at first sight is easy to understand; it's when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle. Amy Tan: I am like a falling star who has finally found her place next to another in a lovely constellation, where we will sparkle in the heavens forever. Carl Jung: Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other. Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve: Tell me who admires and loves you, And I will tell you who you are. Elbert Hubbard: The love we give away is the only love we keep. Elizabeth Barret Browning: Whoso loves, believes the impossible. Francis David: We need not think alike to love alike. Franklin P. Jones: Love doesn't make the world go 'round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile. Henry David Thoreau: Love must be as much a light as it is a flame. Jeanne Moreau: Age does not protect you from love, but love to some extent protects you from age. Jimi Hendrix: When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. Karl Menninger: Love cures people -- both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it. Lisa Hoffman: Love is like pi - natural, irrational, and very important.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

I read a lot. So, for today’s Thursday Thirteen, I’ve decided to list Thirteen YA/Teen book series on my book shelf that I really love. 1. Final Friends by Christopher Pike -My first and favorite book series. I can still remember all the character’s names and everything about these stories. I first read them in 8th grade. 2. Secret Circle by L.J. Smith -Anything by L.J. Smith I love and have loved since the first time I read them in High School. This was probably my favorite of hers. I heart Nick in this story. 3. Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith -I really enjoyed these stories when I was young, but I can’t say I much like the new 5th book that came out. I read more than half of it before giving up and switching to something new that I’d been wanting to read. 4. Dark Visions by L.J. Smith -Another favorite, although I’d place this as second to Secret Circle. 5. House of Night by PC Cast and Kristen Cast -Even though the main character is the definition of a mary-sue, I really love these books. 6. Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead -I enjoy these because the main character isn’t a vampire, which is a nice change from all the other vamp books. 7. Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz -It took until book two for me to really start to enjoy these, but I’m hooked now that I’ve found out who the Silver Blood is. Want next book now! 8. Generation Dead & Kiss of Life by Daniel Waters. -Don’t love the man’s writing style, but by the end of the first book, he had me wanting to read what happened to next one, so I guess he did his job. 9. Secret Society Girl by Diana Peterfreund -Ok, not technically YA/Teen, but this series was pretty fun and I devoured them all in about two days. 10. Evermore by Allison Noel -I don’t love this one as much as many of my friends do, but I did enjoy it. 11. Oh.My.Gods & Goddess Boot Camp by Tera Lynn Childs -Cute stories. Really liked them. 12. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling -Duh! 13. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares -Read all of these the year I first started teaching, when I was looking for books to rec to my middle school students. I like them better in the books than I do the movies. Honorable mentions: Twilight (a guilty pleasure), Tithe (, Wicked Lovely Series (haven’t finished, but will), and I’m in the middle of reading the Mortal Instruments Series (which I don’t love yet, but I’m hoping will happen soon).

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Contest with a great prize!

THE TAGLINE/TITLE/TEN LINES AGENT READ CONTEST Submit the tagline, title, and first ten lines of your manuscript, and you could win one of two critiques of your partial + synopsis from Barbara Poelle of the Irene Goodman Literary Agency! The contest is divided into three phases and runs from July 23 to August 10. Refer a friend, and you could win a box of spa/author goodies! For more information, visit Dawn Halliday's Website.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

I've decided to join in on Thursday Thirteen this month. You always hear people say, “Write what you know!” Well, for Thursday Thirteen, I’ve decided to write about thirteen things I know a fair amount about and could easily apply to the novels I’m interested in writing. 1. Scuba Diving 2. Teaching 3. Photography 4. Cheerleading 5. The writings of Shakespeare and Jane Austen 6. Web Design 7. Art/Art History 8. Sociology of Sexuality 9. Psychology 10. U.S. History and Ancient Civilizations 11. Cooking 12. Editing a news publication 13. Greek Mythology

Friday, July 10, 2009

Excerpt Monday

Read about excerpt monday HERE The following is from the same story I posted from last month, but concerning my minor characters, again from my first draft. Enjoy! ----- REMOVED SINCE I'VE CHANGED MUCH OF THIS ----- Mel Berthier, Urban Fantasy (PG 13) and Bria Quinlan, Rom Com (PG) Joining us this week: Kinsey W. Holley, Paranormal (PG) Caitlynn Lowe, Epic Fantasy (PG) Dara Sorensen, Paranormal (PG) Babette James, Fantasy Romance (PG13) Christina DeLorenzo, YA (PG 13) Nika Dixon, Romantic Suspense (PG 13) Bryn Donovan, Paranormal Romance (PG13) Kaige, Historic Romance (PG-13) Julia Knight, Fantasy Romance (PG 13) Adelle Laudan, Contemporary Romance (PG 13) Jeannie Lin, Historical Romance (PG13) RF Long, Paranormal (PG13) Rebecca Savage, romantic suspense (PG 13) Crista McHugh, Paranormal Romance (PG 13) Michelle Arroyo, Historical Romance (PG 13) Jax Cassidy, Contemporary Romance (R) Maya Doyle, Paranormal Romance (R) Cate Hart, Paranormal (R) Ali Katz, Historical Erotic Romance (R) Inez Kelley, Romantic Comedy (R) Aislinn Kerry, Paranormal Romance (R) Elise Logan, Fantasy Romance (R) Cherrie Lynn, Paranormal Romance (R) Alina Morgan, Urban Fantasy (R) Vivienne Westlake, Erotic Historical (R) Stephanie Adkins, Erotic Romance (NC 17) Evie Byrne, Medieval Paranormal Romance (NC 17) Kim Knox, Erotic SF Romance (NC17) Lauren Murphy, Erotic Romance (NC 17) Kirsten Saell, Erotic Romance (NC 17)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bad Borders, Good for me!

Due to Borders breaking the set street date of Blue Moon by Alyson Noel, I now have a copy a day early! :whistles: Off to read.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Release dates I'm waiting for...

*Chasing Fire by Suzanne Collins (Sequel to Hunger Games) September 1 *Van Alen Legacy (Blue Bloods) October 6th *Blood Promise (Vampire Academy, Book 4) by Richelle Mead August 25 *Dreamfever by Karen Marie Moning August 18 *Blue Moon: The Immortals by Alyson Noel (Paperback - Jul 7, 2009) *Tempted (House of Night Novels) by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast Oct 27 *A Touch of Dead (hardcover), Ace; anthology of Sookie Stackhouse short *Bad Blood (Blood Coven) by Mari Mancusi by January 2010

Monday, June 29, 2009

Rethinking my novel

I've been re-thinking the first chapter of my ms. While I love it and think the scenes themselves are great, I don't know if they really work as a first chapter. There's no real inciting incident. In fact, while there's a smaller conflict started in chapter 2 (and I guess even at the end of chapter 1), the big one happens all the way in chapter 3. Then, there's the whole this-is-set-in-college thing, and my intended audience is YA/Teen. The content alone makes this a story that I can't make younger. It's about DJ's of a sex and relationship show...not exactly something they could do if they were in high school, seeing as how there's no way this would be sanctioned by school authorities. For that age, it would have to be a pirated show, and even then, it's part of who the characters are that has got them into the show...that includes studies they've done in college and their goals for the future. While I could take a pirated show or a show via internet for another novel, I don't see being able to do it with this story, because a great part of it is how the show affects the way others perceive them and how they deal with that. Gah, I just don't know. The thing is, I really believe in this story. I just don't know what the best market would be for the content. What to do, what to do?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Why, oh why?

So, I've just dedicated myself to digging in and doing some intense editing and polishing of my current manuscript. And then... Angela James puts out an informal call for submissions for a Holiday-Themed Novella, between 18,000 and 35,000 words. And I instantly think of that holiday short story I wrote several years back and never did anything with. The one that sits at just over 15,000 words and with a little tweaking and polishing would be perfect for this anthology. So now, the question is do I put aside my teen novel for a little bit longer or do I wait on this one for another year, when I can better wrap my head around these characters I haven't thought about in such a long time? What to do, what to do...?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Excerpt Monday

Read about excerpt monday HERE
This is just a small excerpt from the first draft of the novel I'm working on. It's listd as a YA, but it's more of a teen read. I know it needs editing and parring down, but the power went out for 7 hours last night, so all the editing I was working on was lost. ------- REMOVED SINCE I'VE CHANGED MUCH OF THIS

Here are other snippets given by other authors participating in Excerpt Monday - all of varying genres and ratings:

Mel Berthier, Urban Fantasy (PG 13)
Bria Quinlan, Rom Com (PG)

Bryn Donovan, Paranormal  (PG)
MG Braden, Contemporary Romance (PG 13)
Babette James, Fantasy Romance (PG 13)
Cynthia Justlin, Contemporary Romance (PG 13)
Kaige, Historical Romance (PG  13)
Adelle Laundan, Contemporary Romance (PG 13)
Jeannie Lin, Historical Romance (PG 13)
RF Long, Paranormal (PG 13)
Crista McHugh, Paranormal  (PG 13)
Bria Quinlan, Rom Com (PG)
Dara Sorensen, Paranormal (PG)

Evie Byrne, Historical Romance (R)
Grace Draven, Fantasy Romance (R)
Cate Hart, YA- Paranormal  (R)
Aithne Jarretta, Paranormal (R)
Inez Kelley, Contemporary Romantic Comedy (R)
Aislinn Kerry, Paranormal (R)
Kim Knox, Erotic-  Sci-fi Suspense (R)
Cherrie Lynn, Erotic-  Contemporary Romance (R)
Alina Morgan, Urban Fantasy (R)

Stephanie Adkins, Erotic-  Supsense (NC 17)
Ella Drake, Sci-Fi Romance (NC 17)
Annie Nicholas, Sci-Fi Romance (NC 17)
Kirsten Saell, Erotic – Fantasy (NC 17)

I've signed up for Excerpt Monday!

After regretting not doing it last month, I've decided to participate in June's Excerpt Monday. My post is up already, but that's because it's a new blog and no one is going to actually see this until tomorrow. At that point, I'll be adding at least five more excerpts so I can see what others are working on.

Gulp! Hope I don't embarrass myself.

First Post

Well, here it is, my first post. I'm here, I'm a writer, I'll be working on the road to getting published here. Any question? Probably not, since I've just opened this blog and no one knows I'm here, but that's about to change, I hope.