Tuesday, March 13, 2012

11...I mean, 22 questions

I tagged myself from the blog of K.S. Lewis:  Adjective, Not A Noun because I'm taking a break from writing, and it was left open for anyone who wanted to tag themselves. And, because I liked the original set of questions she received, I did both...can you say procrastination?  What, my hero is being a butthead. 
First set of questions:
1.  Favorite TV show?
Of all time?  Buffy and Roswell. 
Now? Sons of Anarchy.  Jax?  OMG-yum.  And the story is awesome too.

2. Beach or ski resort?
I’m a scuba diver, so beach. 
3. What's your favorite part of the writing process?
First draft. 
4. Self-publishing or traditional?
Self-pub at first, then maybe I’ll try traditional. 

5. If you could have any one food every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Does Chai count as food? 

6. If you met an alien, what would you do?
If he looked like Jason Behr or Brendan Fehr (a la Roswell), I’d show him some good old-fashioned ‘hospitality.’ A little green man?  Hell if I know.  Offer him a Chai?

7. Would you prefer watching a mediocre movie or a really, really bad one?
According to my husband, I don’t know the difference. 
8. How do you relieve stress?
Reading.  Nothing like relieving the stress of your own problems than by getting involved in someone else's.

9. If you ever got the chance to participate in a really big tomato fight, would you take it?
No.  I was in a big, foamy bubble fight at a Rave once, and ended up getting dosed with acid.  It was a strange, fucked up night.  One I never want to repeat. 

10. Craziest thing you've ever done/would like to do?
I don’t think anyone here wants to hear that story.
11. What are your favorite boys' and girls' names?
Persephone and Craig – the names of my children.
2nd Set of Questions

1. What's your favorite fairy tale? 
Little Red Riding Hood – The Dirty Version.   “No, you’re going to eat me like the book says.”  Cracks me up every time.  What?  I have a dirty mind – you looked at my blog header and thought otherwise?

Okay, honestly, I like Beauty and The Beast.

2. Have you ever written a scene that suddenly introduces a new character not previously created, and that character becomes important? 
In a word, yes.

3. Quick! You're trapped in a library with a zombie! You just threw Pride and Prejudice at its head. It doesn't appreciate classics. What do you do next? 
Try a zombie book?

4. How bad was that joke?
Pretty bad.

5. Do you have a favorite genre? 
Contemporary Romance – preferably from the New Adult age group.

6. Would you stay in a supposed haunted house overnight if given the chance? 
Hell, no!  I had a ghost in my old house that used to screw with me when my husband (boyfriend, then) was at work at night. He’d slam doors and bang things around, and my hubby never believed me.  No, thank you!

7. Favorite color or pattern?  
Pink is pwetty. 

8. What made you want to start blogging?
  Building a platform for my writing?  All the cool kids were doing it?  Pick one. 

9. Seven-leagued boots or invisibility cloak? 
Have no fricken’ clue what seven-leagued boots are (sounds cool, though) so invisibility cloak. 

10. What's the oddest thing you've heard/seen while in an elevator? Or, if you've never been in an elevator (hey, anything's possible), the strangest thing you've heard/seen while waiting in a line? 
A pair of soaking wet, nasty BVD’s (tighty-whitites) on the floor of an elevator at the gym. 
I didn’t know what to think.    

11. If you woke up inside your favorite movie, what is the first thing you'd want to do (besides find a way back home)? 
Give the hero an earful about what an arrogant, tight-ass he is.  Screw what’s proper.  Any guesses on the movie?  

I tag anyone who wants to do this, and you can do either set or both.  


  1. 9. Seven-league boots let you travel seven leagues with a single step.

    In addition to that, you'll need a telescope that can let you see seven leagues out because you can walk into a tree on accident if the path isn't clear. And if you stumble and accidentally take a step to the side, you might go seven leagues to the side and splatter horribly into the side of a barn.

    Good choice with the invisibility cloak

  2. Ah, okay then. Thanks for the explanation. I'll stick with the invisibility cloak.

  3. Heck yes Chai counts as food. I love Chai lattes. My first novel was fueled on nothing but Chai and a fever.

    1. I developed a craving for them during my first pregnancy and that craving never went away. They're awesome!