Thursday, March 15, 2012

I donated! Have you?

You may have noticed the button on my side menu, but if not, I have donated a Book Launch Special package for Brenda Novak's Annual Auction for the Cure of Diabetes!

The images shows a sample of what is included.  I also sell these on my webpage.  So, if you're planning on doing an indie publication, keep this auction (or just my services) in mind.  The auction begins May 1 and goes through the remainder of the month.  Also, check out all the wonderful services available for the auction by clicking on the button in my side menu.  Help support this wonderful cause!


  1. I wish mine was published already so I could do this. Still waiting on the release date.

  2. Psst. There's something on my blog for you.

    And yes, I shall keep that in mind. I'm very close to launching the first chapter of a serial novel. I'll ask my editor.

  3. Hey! I've left you a couple awards on my blog =)