Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pics from my trip!

Sephy and me rolling around on the carpet this morning after showering.  

 My pretty new purse.  :D

Allen Island - the view from my in-law's living room, belonging to Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft.  He'll sell it to you, too, for $25 million.  Pocket change, right?

Sephy being a stinker while sitting next to Me-Maw.  

The humidity is doing something awful to my hair.  Doesn't help that I just woke up from a nap about ten minutes before taking this, so my eyeliner is a little smudged.

Trees!  We don't have these in Tucson!  I love trees.

The $80,000 car I've been trusted to drive around (Audi S6, V10).  I suspect that's why my tailbone hurts - I've been clenching my buttcheeks so tight while driving, not wanting to get in an accident, that my body is sore.  LOL. 

Have a great evening!  I'm off to dinner!

Hello from Anacortes! Purses, awards, and linkies!

Anacortes is in Washington, if you didn't know, and it's part of the San Juan islands.  It's also where my in-laws live.  It's beautiful here, very green, and just a mite on a chilly side for this desert rat.  :D  Also, for you Twilight freaks, I can see Port Angeles from where I'm sitting right now.  In the distance, but still...

Anyway, I wanted to pop in and say hi.  It's great to be with my monkey again!  She's been my little shadow since I arrived on Tuesday night.  Yesterday, we got to spend time, just the two of us, while we went shopping in Burlington.  I went to the Coach outlet store and got a new bag, wallet, and keychain, all for only $152 - the bag alone is marked $299, so I'd say I get a steal.  Now, let me say, I'm usually opposed to spending a small fortune on purses (I have a $900/month daycare bill, so this is a small fortune).  I'd rather spend my money on books (go figure) but since I've been selling so many covers, I decided to splurge a bit.  Besides, my little sister, who has 18 Coach Purses keeps being stingy and refusing to give me one of her old ones. 

I also got some new bras.  Mine were all starting to fall apart and my ta-ta's aren't exactly the same size as they were before I got pregnant with Baby Craig, so it was overdue.  (Sorry for the TMI Alex and Joshua, and any other guys who visit).

Anwyay, I'm way overdue on this, but I've gotten all kinds of awards in the last few weeks.

I received the Kreativ Blogger Award from two very lovely ladies - Krista McLaughlin from The Jelly Beans of Writing and McKenzie McCann from The Ubiquitous Perspective.

The Rules:  I have to answer ten questions and share ten random facts about myself.

1. What is our favorite song?  Don't have just one...I guess if I had to choose one and only one, it would be "Giving In" by Adema.  
2. What is your favorite dessert?   Cheesecake - I shudder with delight just thinking about it.
3. What ticks you off?   Hypocrites.
4.  When you're upset, what do you do?   Rant.  Or cry.  Maybe a bit of both.
5.  What is your favorite pet?   I love doggies.  So sweet and loving.
6.  Which do you prefer, black or white?  Shades of gray, baby!
7.  What is your biggest fear?   Rattlesnakes.  Lots of those here in the desert.
8.  What is your attitude?   I'm a sarcastic, snarky beyotch half...okay, most of the time, and hyper and giggly the rest of the time.  Victoria can attest to that.
9.  What is perfection?  No such thing.
10.  What is your guilty pleasure?   Bad T.V. shows and movies.  

Ten facts...
1.  My feet are blocks of ice right now.
2.  I hurt my tailbone at some point and it is driving me nuts!
3.  I've pretty much given up drinking anything besides coffee lately.
4.  I'm scared of flying, yet I do it all the time.
5.  I was born in Michigan and moved to Tucson when I was five. 
6.  I learned all my graphic skills when I was involved in Roswell fanfiction.
7.  I was obsessed with Michael and Maria and have pictures of me with both Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino. 
8.  My real name is Christina.
9.  I went to college in Flagstaff...which had weather much like Anacortes.   
10. Back to the scared of flying thing, I always have to travel with this travel q-tip holder that has a dime in it stamped the year I was born (77).  It's my superstition, along with the fact that I also always have to have a tube of chapstick or lip gloss in my back pocket when I go through the checkpoint.  Strange but true.

Okay, now, onto the tagging...

Joshua - Vive le Nerd
Jaybird - Bird's Nest
Tara - Tara Tyler Talks
Victoria - Confessions of a Twenty Something fiction writer
Juliana - Juliana Haygert
Dana - The Daily Dose

Okay, I got this award from the lovely Tara at Tara Tyler Talks.

Here's how it goes...

  1. Link back to the one who gave you the award (in this case, it's ME!)
  2. Tell us what you do to take time for YOU! That might be a hobby, a musical break, a favorite movie or show, sitting outside enjoying nature, or even taking a nap!
  3. Nominate five other bloggers - especially folks you think deserve a break from their routine.
Honestly, I feel guilty taking a break from the kids, writing and designing, and husband right now...but I'll go see a movie once in a while, or take a short nap...and feel guilty, but that's the way it goes.  

Kyra Lennon - prenap before JuNoWriMo!
Cassie Mae - busy mommy, needs a nap!
Carrie Butler - busy artist, needs a nap!
Cherie Reich - just got over blog hop craziness - needs a nap!
Sharon Bayliss - about to have a baby...sleep all you can, dear!  Now, because you won't sleep again for another year!

Don't forget to check out NA Alley to read some of the cool interviews we've done.
Don't forget to sign up for the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!  Blog Hop at the top of the page.
Also, go check out Victoria's blog today!  It's a post about moi and my work!

Okay, I'm off to enjoy the rest of my vacation!  Flying home tomorrow with a three-year-old.  Wish me luck...I'm gonna need it.  :D

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane...

Okay, it's a regular plane - don't know what kind, but I'm off on my trip today. I can't wait to see my Sephy and give her a huge, squishy hug - I have missed her so much! I don't have much to post about, so I'll leave you with a few of the covers I've designed recently, just to show them off!

Want for self - trying to resist.

Love this one - it was just bought by someone.

Look, a cupcake!

I kind of want this one for myself...

Victoria really "digs" the guy's nipple hair here - how strange it is, eh?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Well, the fates conspired against me this week!

I haven't been active at all this week, and I'm sorry about that. And so sorry to Cherie Reich for not getting an entry into the Lightning Flashed flash fiction contest. I had family in town until Tuesday, which kept me busy, and they took my baby girl with them to Washington, so I had to get her all packed. Also, at work on Monday, I found out I was moving classrooms (for the 4th time in six years [and they're sending me back to the classroom I was in last year]!) so I've been packing up twelve years worth of teaching crap and moving the last few days, exhausting me to the point where I can barely use my arms at night.

I probably would have missed the announcement of my own blog hop if I hadn't done it early.

In short, I've been a bad blogger and not visiting many - if any - blogs, and haven't had a chance to reply to many comments, although I keep trying to when I can.  I'm a sad panda.  I miss reading what everyone is up to!

The good news is that today is my last day of work for summer! I'm off until the end of July, so yay! I'm going to Washington on Tuesday for a few days to get my little Sephy and fly back with her, but otherwise, I should be getting back into the swing of things.

Miss you all!!! XOXOXOXOXO

Monday, May 21, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! Blog Hop!

Back by popular demand, Victoria Smith and I are hosting the:

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! Blog Hop!

For those who don't know, Victoria and I hosted a hop last month called the "Oh, My Hero!" Blog Hop, which featured heroes from our stories.  Well, we've been told that some of the girls have been feeling a little left out, so we're giving them a chance to strut their stuff in the spotlight!

How it Works:
Interview a heroine of your manuscript, novel, or WIP by a fellow female counterpart also from one of your written works.  Your featured heroine can be interviewed by her best friend, a heroine from another one of your written works, a sister, the opportunities are endless!
  • Have your heroine answer at least 3 of the questions recommended below or make up your own!
  • Post a picture of your heroine, the interviewer, or both!
  • Post a song for the theme of the interview or a song that reflects your featured heroine's personality.
  • Follow Victoria and me on our blogs.
  • Post our hop button! (Though not required, feel free to repost on your blog about the hop!)
  • Post your entries on June 22, 2012 and hop around the other blogs through the linky!

For this hop, the interview will have more of a "girls chatting" type feel because after all, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!  So feel free to write it like a short scene in a book!

Here are the recommended questions for it:

1. How would you describe your hero?
2. What's your biggest date horror story?
3. What turns you off from a guy the most?
4. What's the best date you ever had?
5. Kiss on the first date?
6. What gets a guy a second date?
7. Boxers or briefs on your guy?
8. What is one thing you believe can tell a lot about a person?
9. What attracts you to a guy the most?


Victoria and I will each choose a heroine who's creativity and overall personality snagged our attention.  

I'll offering a custom blog header or an ebook download of up to $10 from Amazon.

Victoria is offering up an ebook download or up to $15 Book from Book Depository

Friday, May 18, 2012

May I share something...mildly amusing?!?!?

I've got family in town until Tuesday for Baby Craig's 1st birthday (tomorrow!) so I'm just gonna make this short and well...not sweet, but they made me laugh.

What the what?


Not funny, but I so gotta find someone who can do these!

Too cute! I hear the voice of my daughter in my head when I read this.

And double the cuteness!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May I Tell You Something About Someone Else?

It's Thursday, and that means it's time to tell about someone else.  Today I'm talking about a fellow half-Italian girl, coffee addict, and New Adult writer whose clever posts (particularly her Friday Fact or Fiction) bring a huge smile to my face!

Jaybird from Bird's Nest

Mother of three beautiful girls who have daddy wrapped around their fingers, lover of Hugh Jackman (and who can blame her?), Jersey Shore Gal, and teller of amusing and incredible tales that MAY or MAY NOT be true, Jaybird came into my life during the first blog hop I ever participated in, the WIP: The Movie blogfest hosted by Kyra Lennon and back in March, and I'm so glad she did!

Aside from reading her great comments here on my blog and at NA Alley, her blog is another on my MUST READ list.  I love her Friday Fact or Fiction posts and always know they're going to be hilarious and awesome, true or not...and then I always wonder why there aren't more comments or followers.  Seriously, people, you (non-followers) are missing out on some great stuff here and don't even know it! 

Allow me to give you a small sampling of her posts I adore so much:

Some men are slightly grossed out by pregnancy and all the changes it brings to their partner's bodies. But then, there are The Others. There are men out there, who are seriously ATTRACTED to pregnant women..... Once when Jaybird was super-sized and ridiculous pregnant, she was out on the road and got really thirsty. She may or may not have pulled into a convenience store to buy something to drink.  A young, buff, and totally hawt  NJ State Trooper was trailing her.

At first, Jaybird was relieved, it was only a young cop following her. Never in a million years would she think this kid was stalking her. She just chalked it all up to him needing something in every single aisle she happened to be in, out of coincidence. That changed as soon as she tried to open the freezer door and get out a beverage. Super Trooper jumped in front of her, like he was taking a bullet instead of a Vitamin Water, out of the freezer. He proudly pulled open the door and handed  her the drink, all the while smiling with these huge dimples and a  perfect smile. Jaybird was kind of weirded out, but thanked him for retrieving her drink anyway. He took this as his opening. He proceeded to ask her a least ten rapid fire questions normal, hetero sexual twenty something cops would never think to ask, all about  pregnancy.

Jaybird had to rethink her initial assessment. This guy must have a pregnant girlfriend/wife, or her GAY-DAR bell was about to start ring-a-ding-dinging.  But she asked and found out he was single. And, the way he was looking at her, was nothing like how her parade of Gay Besties would ever look at her (unless she is wearing something Couture!!) Jaybird thought, huh, how strange.

She started to make her way over to the counter. Once again, Super Trooper jumped in front of her. He insisted on carrying her items up to the counter and paying for it, no matter how much she protested. Jaybird waddled out to her car, but again, he followed her, just to "open her door". The Trooper may or may not have stood there all dimply and staring at her for a few more minutes until it just got, uh, AWKWARD.  She really wanted him to close the door so she could leave, but he wouldn't stop with the staring. Finally, he told her he  thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, and begged her to go out with him!

Fact or fiction? Click here to find out.

Jaybird worked at a local marina, during her Jersey Shore summers. Her job duties MAY or MAY NOT have included everything from minding the little convenience store to manning the gas pump to her least favorite job responsibility- bagging BUNKER fish for bait. The seagulls would go nutso, taking turns swooping down and trying to steal the smelly bait fish. The longer it took to bag it, the more the frozen bait thawed and REEKED.

Jaybird happened to be the only FEMALE employee of this marina. The men who worked there  MAY or MAY NOT have teased her mercilessly. They would suddenly show up behind her while she was bending over in  the store and/or relentlessly torment her about smelling like fish.... If it rained, there was down time. The guys liked to gather in the back of the shop, playing cards or betting each other to do stupid shiz. One rainy day, Jaybird MAY or MAY  NOT have challenged seven beastly men to an eating contest. The stakes were, if Jaybird won, there would be no more tormenting her with fish comments and trying to grab her ass while bending over, ever again. If they won, well, Jaybird would have to come to work in a  microscopic white string bikini for the rest of the summer!

I'll share this one, because the follow up was almost as fun as the story:

FACT  You better believe I WON that bet! I took a huge risk, but I have always had a HUGE appetite and I banked on the fact that I can eat just about anyone under the table.  (I can still eat as much as a sumo wrestler, but if I continued to eat like that now I would wind up looking like one too!) But I digress. I beat men twice my age who out-weighed me by at least a hundred and fifty pounds! I housed one entire pepperoni pizza and was one slice shy of finishing another whole plain pie, (not a piddly Dominoes size large either, but giant sized, New York style pies)  AND THEN I finished an entire gallon of Breyer's Chocolate Ice Cream. Some of the bigger guys came close to beating me with the pizza, but they all FAILED miserably, when it came to desert. Lightweights!

And one last one...because how crazy is this?  Better yet, it's also a FACT!  And as Jaybird said in her follow up/answers post - "You can't make this shit up!"

Officiating almost every Italian wedding, is a  priest who is somehow related to the family. Jaybird's priest, May or May not have FORGOTTEN TO TAKE HIS MEDICATION for his bi-polar disorder, and went a little um, NUTS during the ceremony. He may or may not have referred to The Husband in his Marine Corps Dress Blues as "Hitler" and the Marine Corps Honor Guard with their swords, as "The SS Officers".  Oh, and then the priest, May or May Not have PUNCHED the Best Man, right in the chest before he was tackled off the altar by one of Jaybird's mobbed up cousins, (Who is probably the only one in the family who wasn't afraid they would go to Hell for tackling a priest!)

And there's more!  So many more fun, wild, crazy posts that all make me smile (except the one about creepy-crawlies - I couldn't read that one - LOL!)

Get thee to Jaybird's blog, get to following, and get to the reading.  
You can thank me later.  ;)

Big Hugs To Jaybird!  :D

(images and stories used with permission)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

May I ask something about you?

What is your current WIP about?
What genre?  How far along are you?

Nice and easy today, but I'm really interested in learning about what you're all writing about.  :D

May I Tell You Something About Me?

I was inspired a bit by my post yesterday about my Christopher Pike books and falling in love with them, and decided to go back to the very first book that started my journey and love of reading. 

I hated reading when I was a kid.  I remember being forced to read The Secret Garden (still do not like) and some other books, but the only thing I ever enjoyed was Shell Silverstein's poems.  And then, at the beginning of 8th grade, Mrs. Morales, my reading teacher, told us we we're going to do SSR in class on Fridays.  The first two Fridays, I picked out some random books I had no interest in and faked it.  Fell asleep, too, the second time.  Then, the third week, I had picked up a few YA Horror books that looked a little more intriguing, and decided to give one a shot.  I still, to this day, remember what that books was, the book at started it all:

It was so good and creepy.  That was 20 years ago, and I still remember the first rhyme/note sent by the killer by heart:

Dade and Sheree went up the hill, 
With Joey right behind them, 
Now Dade is dead and Sheree's ill, 
And Joey's leg can't find him

If Dade was one and Sheree two,
And Joey number three,
Who will be next? Could it be you?
Why don't we wait and see?

There was a roller coaster that had been tampered with.  Dade died, Sheree's gorgeous face had been disfigured, and Joey's leg went flying one direction and he went to the other.  And somebody had done it on purpose!


This was a Point Thriller book.  So, from there, I read every Point Thriller book I could get my hands on.  And then, I moved on to Fear Street Books, and read all of those I could get my hands on.  Then, I read Witch by Christopher Pike, and read every book I could get my hands on.  This happened all before Christmas that year, because I remember going on a trip to Michigan (driving from Tucson - eek!) and when we we're preparing to go, my mom took me to the library.  I picked out 20 books (max allowed) and then had my sister, who didn't want any books, check out 20 more for me.  Well, dear old sissy let out to the librarian that they were all for me.  When the librarian looked at them and skeptically asked if I really thought I could read all those in three week's time (and suggested maybe I should put some back), my mom smirked and said "We'll be lucky if these last her the four day driving trip to Michigan."  I had become quite the speed reader.  Just so you know, I didn't finish them on the drive, but I did finish them all by the time my three weeks was up.  

Anyway, at some point, I started BUYING all my books...and buying all the backcopies of books I had read.  I waited to post this until I got to work this morning, because I wanted to show you one of 7 boxes full of books that I've put in my classroom over the years, still full of books I read when I was a kid (but beat the hell up, b/c elementary kids have no idea how to treat a book right, and don't even get me started on the number of books that have gone home and never returned...I was prepared for that when I let my kids read them, though).

 I don't use them this year because I'm not teaching in a regular classroom, but you'll see many of my Point Horror/Thriller books in there, some Fear Streets...but no Christopher Pike and no Funhouse, because those are in my personal library at home.  (Oh, and there's multiple copies of some because I've bought and added to my class library over the years).

Another set of books in here that I wanted to mention was the Nightmare Hall books, also by Diane Hoh (author of Funhouse) because it was a published set of horror books AT A COLLEGE!  See, back then, books like this were published, and they were freaking good!  I was so disappointed when they cancelled this series.  NA books, whoooo!

Anyways, I could go on and on and on and on about books, but I'll stop here, leaving you with this questions: 

Do you remember the first book that made you fall in love with reading?   Please, do share!

Monday, May 14, 2012

First Loves Blogfest

It's First Loves Blogfest day, hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh!  The instructions for this one are short and sweet:  post your first loves - movie, band/singer, book, and person.  Go to Alex's blog to see the list of other participants!

This is the first movie I remember loving so much that every time we went to the video store, I begged my parents to rent.  To say they got a little sick of it was an understatement.  


The first band I went gaga over was New Kids on the Block!  I'm thinking this was 5th and 6th grade. I was a total Donnie groupie!  I mean, look at that hair!
This was the first book series I read that really sucked me in and wowed me.  People were drinking and having sex, and there was murder, and drug dealers, and even a gay character!Yeah, this was middle school.  After this, I was sold and devoured everything Mr. Pike ever wrote.They just re-released this as a single book under another name, but I still have these copies.  

As for my first person...well, I'm going with an actor b/c my first love was an abusive @ssclown I try not to think about.  So who was my first love...?

  Oh, yeah.  Still have a tender area in my heart for this man.  :D

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Somebody felt really left out...

Somebody saw that I posted a picture of baby Craig and got really jealous, demanding to know where her pictures were.  So, allow me to introduce you to the sweet thing that is responsible for my headaches the other 90% of my time:


My little Persephone Isabella...Sephy for short, but don't you dare call her that to her face...she'll set you straight that it's Per-SEPH-o-knee.

Oh, don't be taken in by her adorable smile (that's how she got grandmas to buy her these dresses), or her big blue eyes (that's how she got mommy to buy her a Hello Kitty doll at Build a Bear a few weeks ago) and definitely don't be awed by those pinchworthy cheeks.  This girl may only be three, but she knows how to work the system.  Mommy says no?  Okay, I'll go ask daddy.  And then there's my favorite:  "I love you, Mommy! You're gorgeous!  Chocolate?"  

She's even gotten all my friends fooled with her cuteness!  They believe she's the sweetest child in the world (which she is) but that she couldn't possibly ever behave bad.  You see that look in her eye, that's calculated...

They say the terrible twos are the worst...I beg to differ.  The threes are 50 times worse!  Testing limits, and straddling the line between wanting to be independent and prove she's a big girl, and knocking her brother over like a bowling pin because she wants the hugs I'm giving him.

And just for good measure, check her out in her Jessie costume for her friend's cowgirl birthday party.

I love her to death and she brightens up my every day, but she also makes me want to go hide and never come out sometimes.  :D


I'm sure many of you know exactly the behavior I'm talking about.  I swear, parents of more than two children deserve a freaking medal!  I have no clue how my grandma had 8 in 12 years.  I wold have gone nuts!

I'm taking a break from blogging over the weekend and will post again on Monday, so have a great one!

May I tell you something about someone else?

I typically leave the family out of this blog and was planning to write my blog post this morning since I fell asleep early, but this little man decided to wake up 2 hours earlier than my alarm was set to go off and spent the last two hours banging his hands and empty bottle on my head while I (fruitlessly) tried to catch a few more ZZZZZ's.  Now I have a pounding headache.   

So, blogosphere, meet Baby Craig (or Craigy)...the cause of this morning's headache.   He'll be turning one on the 19th and is just standing up on furniture. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I just love this new design I did for Sweet 'N Spicy..

...and wanted to share.  I kind of want to keep it for myself.  Someone please tell me that I don't need to make this my new blog theme...that it wouldn't make sense since I write contemporary and sci-fi, and couldn't write my way out of a paper bag when it comes to historicals...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Oh, Those High School Dances! Blog Hop! Aka - A funky night!

This is hosted by the fabulous Kelley Lynn and Emily R. King.

Here are the rules for participation:
1. Post pictures of your high school dances. (Make sure you tell us which one is you if they're group pictures.)
2. Share with us your funniest high school dance story.
3. That's it!

Now, I don't know how funny this story is, but it sure is embarrassing, and I'd say worth the long read!

The day is March 15, 1996.  The theme:  Tropical Paradise.  It's senior prom, the day I've been looking forward to since I heard about my first prom when I was a little girl.  I had to skip the junior prom the year before because I was part of the Close Up program going to Washington D.C., and there was a dance there, a fabulous dance, but that's a story for a different time.

Anyway, this night was going to be special!  I had a good-looking college man taking me (my bf for two years) and I had spent weeks preparing.

The morning dawns bright and hot.  Really hot, even for Tucson in March.  I borrow Mom's Plymouth Acclaim, load up the girls and we all head to Dillards where we have hair and makeup appointments.

I tell the hairdresser I want a hair-style that looks a little like this:

Side-swept bangs, volume on the top, and my hair down in loose curls.  I was very fashion forward.

Well, the guy can't envision my vision and ends up giving me a hairstyle that falls flat and won't stay in place, and looks nothing like I want it to.  Plus, he spends two hours giving me a flat hair style, making me late for my nail appointment.  I had acrylics at the time.  I had to race to the nail salon, was 35 minutes late, and because I was late, Debbie, my nail gal, could only fix the one nail I had broken that week and give me a quick coat.  She wasn't happy with me.

Well, I had to pay the full amount...and the fingernail she just "fixed" snaps right off as I'm getting into the car.  It's too late to ask her to fix it again, so I'm resigned to having a broken acrylic for the night.  Le sigh.

Did I mention it's a very hot day?

Well, I get in the car, and drive back to the salon to pick up the girls and my hair is a limp, horrible looking mess.  The guy "insists" he fix it and I need decent hair for the prom, so he proceeds to give me ringlets...that make me look like a french poodle.

But don't worry, dear, it looks faaaaabbbbbuuuuuulous(!) he tells me.

Ahem.  So, I go home, and have to try to tame my hair into submission.  Mission accomplished, but man is it hot, my hair is done, and I'm late getting home (thanks to mister fabu) so I have to do a whore's bath with a wash cloth to try to clean up under the arms and such.  While waiting to dry, I get a phone call, get distracted, and forget to put on deodorant before I get my dress on.

Anyway, Carol, my bff, and KJ (<--ends up being prom king) show up and then Charles, my date shows up.  We do the pictures, we go to dinner, and we get to the dance.  After pictures and the like, we go dance...and dance, and dance, and dance.  And it is so hot!  And then I realize, wow, I'm a feeling a little less than fresh under the arms.  And then it hits me...I forgot the deodorant!

So, I spend the rest of the night dancing with my arms clenched to my side, absolutely mortified that I may be funky...and not the good, dancing kind of funky, but the toe-up, reeking funky.

Charles keeps asking me what's wrong, but I'm so obsessed with my possible malodorous state, and can't possibly tell him!  I ask Nicole, another one of my friends, if I smell about a million times, which she assures me I don't, but I don't believe her.  (It only occurred to me later that, with all the sweaty dancing going on, everyone smells a little funky.)

Anyway, after prom, we go to the hotel room where we're going to have a bitchin' time with our illegally gotten Boone's Farm Strawberry Fields and Screwdrivers (Oh, yeah, the good stuff...gag.) Charles and I have gotten our own room and Tanya and Todd have gotten theirs, and then they go off and it's just the two of us.  And up until that night, I've been wondering if I'm going to finally give up the V-card?  Oh, but it's not happening unless I shower.  So, I tell Charles I have to go shower, then I get into the bathroom, get undressed, I've started my period a week early and I have no female supplies.

It's almost two in the morning, nothing is open, and I couldn't possibly tell him I had gotten my period - almost as mortifying as the funky pits - so I do the wadded-up toilet paper thing, throw on my cute pj's, and just tell him I've decided I'm not in the mood.  He didn't push it at all, but he was confused since I seemed really into it for the last...oh, three months and before I went into the shower. 

Alas, I didn't lose my virginity until almost 7 months later to another guy.  Charles broke up with me two months later because...well, probably because he was tired of having a high school girlfriend, but when we met up at college the next year, he tried to get back together with me and I said he screwed up and shouldn't have let me go.  And I looked good the day I said it, I'm just sayin'.  Vindication!

Ahem...anyway, here's the lovely pic of me at prom:

Notice the arms down low?  Notice the poodle hair?  I did the best I could.  :D

It wasn't the prom night I always imagined.

May I Tell You Something About Me...

Well, this is something most of you already know, but I do graphic designs and covers, and Andrea Teagan decided to purchase some covers for my sale, which I thought I'd share here.  The first one is totally custom, and the second is one of my premades. 

You can read her post from today on her blog The Enchanted Writer.

Also, if you need graphic work done, please let me know!  I'm trying to earn money to go to RWA Nationals and can use every bit I can get!  :D

Sunday, May 6, 2012

A-to-Z Reflections Post & Dust It Off Day 3

Because I have lots of events that happen to fall on one day, I'm moving my Blog Me, MAYbe writing post to Tuesday, and just taking care of the Dust it Off Blog Hop and the A-to-Z Reflection today.  I'm also fighting to keep my eyes open, so I'm going to keep these brief:

May 7th A to Z Reflections Post

The A-to-Z Blog Hop was a blast, but it was a lot of work.  This was my first year participating in the event, and I really enjoyed it.  While it was fun to research (again, lots of work), what I really loved about this entire event was the list of cool people I met, and I really did meet some awesome people. I gained over 100 new followers and probably followed twice as many, but that's okay.  I love that people came to my blog because they were interested in my research, and that many of them continue to come.  I plan to participate next year for sure, although I may do something a little less work-intensive.  We'll see how it goes a year from now.  

Anyway, thanks to the organizers, the people who came to visit my blog, and to all the people who've enjoyed my posts.  :D


For today's post, we're supposed to share what we learned from writing ol' shelvy.  The most important thing I learned was to edit and cut-cut-cut out the nonessential details.  In order to get this story from its original condition down to the 15,000 words max for Entangled's pitch contest, I had to remove almost 10,000 words, but I also had to rewrite almost every word that was there.  Okay, not every word, but quite a few.  I wrote this one when I was adverb crazy.  Every page had probably ten or more adverbs.  I had to cut the heck out of those.  Anyway, this was a great hop and I want to thank everyone who has come around to check out my pitch and excerpt, as well as Courtney Pearson and Theresa Paolo, for organizing it.  It was fun to share some of my writing, which I haven't done up to those point, really. 

Note:  I've been really busy this week and haven't had the time to visit many blogs and check out everyone's writing excerpts, but i do plan to get caught up as soon as I can.