Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Truths about Dating and Mating blog tour!

Check it out, guys!  Today I'm over at A.K. Morgen Writes answering some questions about myself and my book!  :D  Also, don't forget to check out the two previous links, which I haven't been able to add until later in the day:  Writer of Wrongs and Dawna Raver's Blog!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blog tour post!

Here's today's post.  I haven't been on the computer because my son got really sick today and was super clingy, not letting me get on the computer:

Writer of Wrongs

Also, be sure to check out my post from yesterday, where I'm at Dawna Raver's blog. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blog tour stop for today...better late than never! :D

Hey, all.  I've just been waiting for the link, which I just received, but my blog tour stop today is at Dawna Raver's blog!  Go check out the fun interview I did HERE.

Monday, November 26, 2012

I've updated my book and I'm blogging and vlogging at two different blogs today!

Morning, everyone!  Hope you all had a restful Thanksgiving holiday (for my US friends) and a great weekend (for those from everywhere else)!

A clean copy of my book has been uploaded and is ready for download now, so if you're in the middle of reading it, get the newest version of my book sent to your device now before you read my original mistakes.  :D

Now, I'm back to my blog tour.  Today, I'm visiting with two very awesome ladies:

The first is Lynn(e) Schmidt at the Submission Process where I'm talking about how I write and what keeps me motivated. 

The other is with Clare Dugmore at Clare Dugmore Writes, where I'm vlogging about a little of this and a little of that.  Be sure to check them out and say hello! 

Take care and have a great day!

Ooh, ooh, ooh, don't forget that today is the release of Victoria H. Smith's novella, Holiday Fling!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Blog tour links for yesterday and today!

Okay, I'm behind on these due to some personal stuff that came up, but I wanted to make sure these links were posted for my blog tour:

Yesterday, I was at two places for my tour:

I posted an excerpt at Victoria's blog, Confessions of a Twenty-Something Fiction Writer, from The Truths about Dating and Mating - HERE.

And I did a character interview for Ivy and Ian at Lara Schiffbauer's blog, Motivation for Creation. HERE

Today, I'm over at Christina McKnight's blog Writing From Corsets to Bustiers talking why I made my character an Italian girl HERE.  (I designed her header, too!)

And tomorrow, I'll be at Elizabeth Seckman's blog, Use Your Words, answering some questions about me.  You'll be able to read that HERE

It's my release date!

My book is live!  Whoo-hoo!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

I'm Vlogging! + Jade Hart's Cover Blitz and Blog Giveaway!

 Morning all!  Today, on day four on my blog tour, I'm vlogging over at So, You're a Writer..., the blog of my awesome NA Sister, Carrie Butler! In it, I'm sharing my blurb and talking a bit about why I write New Adult!
And now...

It's a Cover Blitz and Blog Giveaway!!!

OCEAN KILLS, the first book of the Ocean Breeze Series by Jade Hart, will be released in early December 2012. In order to celebrate, free copies of Ocean Kills are available to be won, either by simply liking Jade Hart on Facebook, or finding the words "Ocean Breeze" in either the current book your reading, a TV show, or on any item such as air-freshener, shampoo, or body-wash! When you start looking, those words are everywhere!

For example, this was found a few days ago:
A bottle of body-wash
Without further ado, here is what OCEAN KILLS, a sexy New Adult Urban Fantasy, is all about:

Around the world, murderers and rapists pick off the innocent. Killing loved ones, separating families, and ruining lives.

As an eight-year-old girl, Ocean witnessed her family’s massacre and something altered inside her. Twisting her genetic code… unlocking an ability to teleport.

Ocean Breeze was never destined to be normal, especially being named after air-freshener. She’s a shadow, a ghost—a dark saviour of the innocent. Armed with a switchblade in her bra, and a box-cutter in her pocket, she hunts the filth of the world.  

Callan Bliss is a Sydney Police Officer whose skill set is far above a normal cop. All his fellow officers see is a hard-worker who loves to catch perpetrators and surf, but that’s because they don’t know his past. When Callan arrests a suspicious looking prostitute, coming face to face with a self-confessed vigilante, his secrets aren’t that easy to keep silent anymore.

Ocean hates the police with a passion, and has no intention of being held captive by a cop, even if he is sexy as hell. Teleporting from under his nose, Ocean hunts her next target—a man responsible for the largest sex ring in South Africa—and he’s about to die. But she doesn’t count on Callan giving chase, nor the body-quaking lust which consumes them. However, Ocean's dark hobbies take precedence over what her heart wants—her thirst for murdering is killing her too, and not even Callan can save her.

You can TBR on GoodReads HERE

There are 10 free copies to be given away... so get searching :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, November 16, 2012

Blog Tour Day 3: With a Character Interview and my tens list!

Miss Ivy Rossini
I'm late in posting this because there was some confusion about where my character interview went, but now it's up, can read an interview with my MC, Ivy Rossini, over at:

Laurie's Non-Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews, today! 

Also, I have a tens list of my 10 favorite Book Series!

Be sure to check it out and leave me a comment.  It's a little lonely over there today. 


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blog Tour - Day 2: My book trailer is live!

But you'll have to go to the lovely Cherie Reich's blog to see it.   

Yes, I made it.  I bought the music and images a long time ago and finished putting it together last weekend using Windows Live Movie Maker.  The two models I used for it and my cover are so stinking adorable, and I own so many pictures of them, that I thought I might as well do something more than just my cover and website. 

Either way, I hope you enjoy and leave a comment over on Cherie's blog!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's Blog Tour Kickoff Day!

Wahoo!  Today is the first day of my blog tour for my book, The Truths about Dating and Mating, and I'm kicking it off at the awesome Kyra Lennon's blog today:

  I'm also including a giveaway!  You can win copies of my book (ebook and print) as well as a $25 giftcard to Amazon or B&N, a swag pack with The Truths about Dating and Mating goodies, and these awesome agate earrings that look like little guys (Ian and Ivy?) in headphones!

Aren't they adorable? The front one is the color of Ian's eyes.  :D

Stay tuned for tomorrow, where I will premier my book trailer on Cherie Reich's blog!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Blog tour week and I'm sharing an excerpt of The Truths about Dating and Mating!

  Starting this Wednesday, I'll be hopping around to other people's blogs for the...


This week's schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, Nov. 14th:  
I'm posting about everything I'm thankful for with Kyra Lennon at Write Here, Write Now

Thursday, November 15th:
 I'm hanging out at Cherie Reich's blog and premiering my book trailer.

Friday, November 16th:
I'll be at Laurie's Non-Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews with a character interview and my tens list.

But to kick off the week, I'm sharing the first chapter of my book!
Some of it I've posted before - the rest will be new to the most of you.
Warning: it's long, contains strong language (at least one F-bomb), and has some mature content.  
If that works for you, I hope you enjoy the read!



“Where is he?” I demanded of Matt Frye as I barreled through the front door of the second floor suite in Seligman Residence Hall.
            Matt, one of the four residents of 236, looked up at me from his perch on the shabby, midnight-blue couch with glassy eyes. Stoned off his ass, as usual. “Ivy, hey.” He gestured to the wall behind him with the white Wii controller in his hand. “I don’t think he’s alone.”
            “Even better,” I said as I stormed by the couch and into the small, semi-circular hall containing four closed doors. Turnabout is fair play, after all, and after the crap he pulled today...
            I pursed my lips as I stopped outside Ian’s door and pounded my fist on its heavy walnut surface. “Ian Hollister, you’ve got exactly ten seconds to open this door before I’m coming in!” While I had no qualms about breaking up whatever was going on behind the door, I had no desire to view the physical act itself. I would only go in if he forced me to make good on my threat. “Ten… nine…”
Muffled voices and shuffling sounded from the crack under the door. Ian pulled the door open just as I spat out a terse “Three!”
A pair of dark blue jeans rode low on his hips, the button undone. His feet and muscular chest were bare, displaying the biohazard tattoo that covered the entire left side of his torso. It extended into a tribal design over his shoulder and dipped far into the waistband of his pants. His inky-black hair was an even bigger mess than usual, and I figured the spiky strands had been finger-combed more than once by the slender redhead standing behind him. Her baleful look as she slid her slinky black dress into place over her narrow hips said she wanted to squish me under her peep-toe stilettos.
Ian scratched the back of his neck and gave me a wary look. “Ivy, what’s up?”
I crossed my arms over my chest and stared hard into his mossy-green eyes, telegraphing that playtime was over and we needed to talk. I was not having this conversation in front of one of his random hook-ups.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Victoria's book is live...and has a sample of my book, too!

Okay, I know it's not the official release date, but I'm throwing a quick shout out to Victoria H. Smith, whose book, The Crimson Hunt, came out early! 

Also, if you pick it up, not only are you eligible for a free copy of her story Holiday Fling, but there's a little surprise at the end - the first chapter of my book, The Truths about Dating and Mating, and also a sample of the lovely Jade Hart's book - Ocean Kills

You can get it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Shout out to Krystal Wade - it's Wilde's Meadow release month!

Morning, all!  Today, I'm just helping spread the word about Wild's Meadow being released by Krystal Wade!



Happy endings are hard to find, and even though Katriona is in the middle of a war with someone who’s already stolen more than she can replace, she aches for a positive future with her DraĆ­ochtans.

Armed with hope, confidence in her abilities, and a strange new gift from her mother, Kate ventures into the Darkness to defeat a fallen god.

Losses add up, and new obstacles rise to stand in the way. Is the one determined to bring Encardia light strong enough to keep fighting, or will all the sacrifices to stop those who seek domination be for nothing?

About the Author: Krystal Wade can be found in the sluglines outside Washington D.C. every morning, Monday through Friday. With coffee in hand, iPod plugged in, and strangers--who sometimes snore, smell, or have incredibly bad gas--sitting next to her, she zones out and thinks of fantastical worlds for you and me to read. How else can she cope with a fifty mile commute?

Good thing she has her husband and three kids to go home to. They keep her sane.

Make sure you visit Krystal's site and join the Wildest Moments Blogfest for a chance to win a Kindle fire, Kindle Fire Skins or an Amazon gift card.  Also look out for all the other great giveaways Krystal is doing this month, which includes a signed print copy of my upcoming book (after its release date)! 

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Mating Game Blog Hop

The Mating Game Blog Hop!

The Mating Game Blog Hop is very much like the t.v. show The Dating Game and The Newlywed Game put together except: the couples from your novels, manuscripts, and WIPs are the contestants!

Who are the judges???  Here we go!!

Victoria H. Smith | Blog

Jade Hart | Blog

Chelsea Cameron | Blog
Magan Vernon | Blog

The Details:

On December 3, 2012, each of the five judges will be posting on their blogs a small excerpt from one of their newly, or up and coming released new adult books. 

At the end of the excerpt, a question inspired by the excerpt will be posted in which your couples will have to answer interview style!  There will be a total five questions, one from each blog.

An example of a question you might see: How did you both feel when you first met the other?

See? Simple!

Then on December 10th, 2012 (Blog Hop Day), your couples will answer all five questions.  Other blog hop participants, readers, and judges will "hop" around your blogs and comment on your fun couples!!!

On December 12th, 2012 the judges will each choose a couple that blew them away with their stellar answers and that person will win a eCopy of that judge's book!!!

Books up for grabs!!!

But wait, there's more!!!

On December 14th, 2012 there will be a special readers judging round. The readers will anonymously vote on their favorite couple from the five finalists couples which were chosen by the judges. And that winner will receive all five books--one from each of the judges!!!  Stop by any of the judges blogs that day to particpate. You'll only have to go to one since the voting is linked on each of the ladies' blogs.

The Official Rules!
  • Pick a couple from your novel, manuscript, or WIPs
  • Post our blog button
  • Sign up with the linky below!
  • On December 3, 2012 go to each of the judge's blogs to gather the question for your couple to answer (There will be a total of five questions).

  • On December 10, 2012 post your couples five answers and "hop" around the other participants blogs to comment on their couples!
  • Optional: Participate in the reader voting round on December 14th to vote for the finalist couple that you feel stood out the most :)
  • Optional: You have the option to post your couples pictures if you want to. But please do at your own discretion :)

And that's it! Can't wait to meet your couples, and if you have questions just comment below!!!

Linky Sign-up!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Redesigned my website!

Just because I was feeling like I needed a bit of a change - and really needed to update - I decided to redesign my website last night.  In addition to the new design, I have my blog tour schedule up on the first page - and will be adding more as the last few people get back to me. 

Check it out!  You can click the image to go to it.  :D

I don't know why I chose green - I just like it.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Did you receive my email about my blog/book tour?

 I want to thank everyone who's signed up for my blog/book tour for The Truths about Dating and Mating!  I have emailed everyone who signed up, but still haven't heard back from a handful of you.  So far, I have 19 tours booked, and I'm waiting to hear back from 7 more people, so this is going to be a busy - but fun - tour.  And hopefully I won't drop dead at the end.  :D

If you haven't emailed me back yet, please do so soon, so I can get you scheduled.  jc[at]