Friday, January 18, 2013

Guest Post by Summer Lane on her release day of State of Emergency!

Guest Post from Summer Lane: 

State of Emergency is a story about the end of modern society. Not the end of the world, but the end of the world as we know it. In order to write the book, I had to make sure my facts were correct when it came to survival techniques, names and places and of course, the believability of the collapse of technology. If the world changed tomorrow, how would the average girl stay alive? I came up with this:

Survival for the Average Girl (or boy!)

My character had to be an exception when it came to dealing with an emergency. She had to have some sort of plan in place if everything went down. That would put her life expectancy above the other characters in the book. This is what I gave her:

• A Car.
• A Go-Bag.
• A Plan.
• A radio.
• Some serious spunk.

That’s literally all she needed to survive. An electromagnetic pulse would disable all forms of transportation, so I made sure that Cassidy’s car was from 1978 – which means the ignition didn’t have a starter with a computer chip. It would be unaffected by an e-bomb.

Strength in Numbers

I’ve read so many post-apocalyptic and dystopian books. For some reason they’re just my favorite stories. I know that for both fictional stories and for real-life survival, there is strength in numbers. You have a better chance of staying alive if you combine your skillset with someone else’s. This is why I gave Cassidy a companion/love interest in Chris Young. Chris is a former Navy Seal, so he would have the kind of experience needed to help keep Cassidy alive when everything goes to hell in a hand basket. And he’s just an attractive guy. * wink *

Making Non-Fiction into Fiction

Having the collapse of a country or a takeover by some sort of foreign enemy occur isn’t exactly a new concept for a story – it’s happened repeatedly throughout history. Greece, Rome, Poland, and Austria (the last two during World War II)…this is something that is real that I applied to the present day to create a dystopian story with adventure and romance. It came down to telling the story I loved and making it real for everyone else.

You can read the prologue for State of Emergency at:

Blurb:  Cassidy Hart is your typical High School graduate: A little shy, a little sarcastic, and a little naive. But when an electromagnetic pulse takes down the United States, she's forced to kick into full survival mode when she gets separated from her father.

Yeah. Things suck.

But with the help of a handsome soldier named Chris, she just might find her dad without getting into serious trouble.

Emphasis on might.

Oh. And there's the matter of avoiding getting killed in a world that's quickly turned into an active war zone.

It's going to change Cassidy's life.

It's going to be a major pain in the butt.

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Summer Lane is the author of the YA/NA Dystopian Romance, State of Emergency. She is a freelance writer, editor and lover of all things feline. Summer is also the author of Snappy Social Networking: How to Dominate the Blogosphere & Everything in Between. In her spare time, Summer is the creator of the online magazine/blog, Writing Belle, in addition to being a frequent contributor at NA Alley, a website dedicated to all things New Adult.

Summer began writing when she was 13 years old, due to the fact that the long afternoons after school were somewhat boring, and writing stories seemed to make the time pass a little quicker. Since then she has written many books about jungle cats, secret agents, princesses and spaceships. She is also a non-fiction writer, but her debut novel, State of Emergency, is her favorite book yet. You can find Summer hopping around on the Internet by following her on Twitter @SummerEllenLane, or on Facebook: Writing Belle.

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  1. I happen to live with a Doomsday Prepper-*true story* So this book sounds like it will hit close to home, LOL Can't wait to read it Summer.

    1. haha - my dad is definitely one, so it totally rubbed off on me. Thank you!

  2. I can't imagine how much work goes into getting this kind of book ready! So much research. Best of luck Summer!

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth - I appreciate that so much!