Monday, January 14, 2013

Guest Post from C.M. Brown to kick off her blog tour!

Before I do the post, I wanted to say sorry for not posting for a while.  I decided I needed a small break from the internet and have pretty much been lying low for a while.  I'll start posting more regularly soon.  :D

And now...

Thank you Jaycee, for having me here on your personal blog page today, I am so excited to have you open my Blog Tour, which will be running through until the end of February.

The Blog Tour has been given the title of ‘The Protectors of Aidensdein’ and is being conducted to publicize the recent release of ‘He Came For Mine’, Book Two in The Protector Series.

“He Came for Mine’, continues the love story of Jazz and Sebastian from book one, where Jazz has been abandoned by Seb when he returns through the portal, back to Aidensdein to help restore the damage inflicted on his home world.

During the blog tour, I will be visiting many sites, giving interviews, guest posts on the topics of The Writer’s 4 Writer’s (W4W’s), monthly hop, in which I am co-host with Steven Tremp, M. Pax and Christine Rains, paranormal writing, interviews and character posts by three of the main characters in the series.

There is also give-a-ways to be won!

A $25 Amazon Gift Card is up for grabs, when Stephanie Gamverona hosts me on her site on the 28th January and on my site (C.M. Brown) a Rafflecopter give-a-way is to be held for the length of the whole tour where ebook copies of both books in the Protector Series can be won, a book cover illustration by Rebekah Romani is to be one of the prizes and I am offering a chapter critique for another lucky entrant.

On the 22nd January, I am also offering 25 free ebook copies through ‘Goodreads’ with the ‘Never Too Old for Young Adult Group’ of both books in the Protector Series in their R4R (Read for Review) program. If you are a member of this group, you are welcome to enter to receive your copy for review, if not you can always become a member of both Goodreads and the ‘Never Too Old for Young Adult Group’, for your chance to gain a free copy of either book. Goodreads moderators connected with this group will be overseeing this offer on my behalf.

To follow The Protectors of Aidensdein Blog Tour, simply visit my site: C.M. Brown or pay a visit to The Blog Tour Exchange, run by Sharon Bayliss from Curiosity Quills, where book bloggers can join to become part of the exchange blog tour program.

Thanks again Jaycee, for starting this exciting tour!

And I hope you all follow along and enjoy the fun!


He Came For Me, Book One in The Protector Series

Jazz, lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, in Queensland, Australia. She leads a normal teenage life busy with friends, TAFE College, a part time job as a waitress, surfing and searching for a boyfriend! Until one day driving on her way to TAFE she is passed by a red Mazda Rx7. The driver holds her attention and as they both wait at a set of traffic lights to change to green, a sexual tension passes between them. In the days that follow she finds that this guy moves into her life as she befriends him, his friends and family! But are Seb and his friends what they seem to be? A fantasy novel revolving around a love story between two young people, who should not by rights, come together. Crossing the dimensions of two worlds, this story embarks on a journey of love, duty and togetherness as the two young lovers fight to be together and keep each other safe. Overcoming many obstacles while fighting to protect one another this story will leave the reader intrigued and wondering what will happen next!


He Came For Mine, Book Two in 'The Protector Series'

Fending for herself for almost two years, Jazz worries she will never see Sebastian again.

A new man enters her life, but he holds a secret.

Will Jazz trust him?


Sebastian discovers an ancient ritual which must be performed on the Chosen One's son before his first birthday, or he will die.

He returns to Earth to find Jazz in the arms of another man.

A man he knows very well.

A man he does not trust....


And here's the rafflecopter for the drawings:


  1. Look forward to following your tour, Carolyn!

  2. I'm excited for the tour! I really love the cover for He Came For Mine. There's something eerie about it :)

  3. Congratulations Carolyn! I'm looking forward to the rest of your tour. Best of luck with it!

  4. I love the cover, Carolyn! Congrats on your new release!

  5. What a great tour planned! Good luck!

  6. Thanks Jaycee for having me here today and for helping me to start the tour, it has been appreciated!

  7. Best of luck with the new release/tour Carolyn.

    Jaycee- miss you! Hope all is well. xo

  8. Best of luck Carolyn! Hope you get a great bounce!