Sunday, March 31, 2013

A-to-Z Challenge - A: A Christmas Story, ALF, and Acid-Washed Jeans

Okay, let's kick this off!  Today is the start of the A-to-Z Challenge, and my challenge has to do with me wading back into my past and posting the fun trends, music, TV Shows, and movies from my past, and I am most-definitely a child of the eighties.  
So, for letter A...
Movie:  A Christmas Story!  
I have watched this movie at least once every year since I was five or six.  It's become a tradition and never gets old.  After all, who can forget such great, iconic lines, such as:
"You'll shoot your eye out!"
  "Oh-my-god.  I shot my eye out!"
"Fra-gee-lay.  That must be Italian."
"I triple dog-dare ya!"
TV Show:  ALF, the sarcastic alien from a destroyed planet who eats cats and lives with a suburban family.  Hmm...creepy concept now, but lots of fun back then.  
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Fashion:  Acid Washed jeans, which have unfortunately started making a comeback.  Still, I have very fond memories of my purple acid-washed denim jacket I used to wear everywhere.
And that's a trip to my past, brought to you by the letter A.  :D


  1. My sister is a child of the eighties, too. She was a big fan of ALF!

  2. Fun idea for the A-Z Challenge. I've never seen A Christmas Story so I'll have to look out for it this year.

  3. Oh... those jeans! The matching jacket offends my eyes! :o I used to LOVE Alf :) I have to admit, though, I've never seen A Christmas Story. I've lived a sheltered life.

  4. Cool choice for A-Z, yeah Alf will always have a place somewhere. A Christmas Story is a Christmas Classic.

  5. A Christmas Story is one of my favorite holiday films!

  6. Oh, those acid-washed jeans! I loved them!

    Love your theme, Jaycee. ☺

  7. You know I rocked those same jeans, with the matching jean jacket. And I can't even begin to describe the heights my hair got too. I was never a big fan of Alf, cause the dude ate cats, and that always pissed me off, lol.

    And-"Frag-ee-lee that must be Italian" is A Christmas Story quote that gets thrown around our Italian house a lot. Classic line from a classic movie.

    SO happy to see you back to blogging! I'm really looking forward to all of your posts for this challenge.

  8. Jaycee, I love your theme, and look forwards to your A-Z! :D

    I remember Alf fondly. My dad used to nickname his younger brother Alf - it stood for annoying little fart!

    Ah, acid washed jeans - only in the 80s could those be acceptable!

  9. Yep, they never go out of style I guess.....never watched Alf...did the A Christmas story, I think....years ago!! Fun post!

  10. I am so a child of the 80's as well. My sister and I recently watched the worst movie ever, but then why did we watch it, if it was so bad? The 80's music, of course. It is called Rock of Ages and it got only one star, but we were signing all night long. Acid jeans- the memory is not a good one. A Christmas Story, now that is a movie I will never sop watching. I love watching it with my own kids like I did when I was a kid. I don't allow iPhones, iPads, or iPods in the room during the movie. What a different life they live than we did.

  11. I loved Alf. Did you ever watch the cartoon spin off?

  12. I've never seen A Christmas Story or Alf. Sounds like you've got memories attached to them! :)

    Stopping by as an A to Z Challenge minion.

    The Golden Eagle
    The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

  13. I love A Christmas Story. Once my little brother and I were misusing our answering machine to tape an elaborated recreation of the scene where the evil elf kicks Ralphie down the slide.

    My real surname is very similar to the name of Alf's home planet, Melmack, so that got me some grief at school back in the Eighties.

    1. Oh no! What an unfortunate coincidence.

  14. Oh man. Never got into A Christmas Story - I always lost interest about 20 minutes in and got up to do other things - but ALF and acid-washed jeans. Totally piqued my interest there.

    Had the Guess acid washed jeans with not only a zipper at the ankle, but an acid-washed bow to highlight the ankle zipper. Good stuff ...

    And ALF was awesome.

    ~Alana @
    Also on A to Z with you! :)

  15. It's not Christmas if you don't at least watch A Christmas Story once. It is a family tradition in all our households now.

    I remember watching Alf, but I don't remember really getting into it. But I must have some, because my first car had Alf seatcovers in the late 80's.