Monday, April 8, 2013

A-Z Challenge: G - Gotcha! Guns 'N Roses, and Grody to the Max!

WElcome back to week 2 of the A-to-Z Challenge, where I'm reliving pop-culture from my childhood (80s and 90s).  Today's trip back in time is via the letter 'G':

Movie:  Ah, Gotcha!  A college kid who plays spy games on campus, then goes on to have his very own real-life spy game adventure while on vacation!  Plus, Anthony Edwards!  Who could not love this movie?  One of my favs.

And one of my favorite groups coming out the eighties was Guns 'N Roses!  Welcome to the Jungle is still one of my favorite songs of all time. 

And then there's tons of fun slang from the 80s, awesome sayings such as: 

Grody to the Max!
Gag me with a spoon!
Better yet:  Gag me with an expired credit card!

See you tomorrow!


  1. Guns 'n' Roses took the 80's by storm.

  2. I still love Guns 'n' Roses. :)

  3. In all my years, I have never found another person who not only likes Gotcha, but has actually seen it! I worshipped that movie as a kid!

  4. I'm a Sweet Child O Mine kinda gal. It reminds me of a now gone friend. Every time I hear it, I smile whether I want to or not,lol

  5. I've heard all those slang on television. Guns n' Roses has done great things in music.

  6. Now you're talking Jaycee. Guns 'n' Roses! Yes. I haven't heard of that film with Dr Greene (aka Anthony Edwards). Beore or after Revenge of the Nerds. He was in that wasn't he?

  7. Loved Guns N' Roses! And I still do. Nothing grody about them, but maybe Axel's hair and the fact that they broke up!

  8. Love GnR!
    And I remember that movie, Gotcha!
    Fun theme, Jaycee. :)

  9. I loved the movie Gotcha. Especially when Anthony Edwards was trying to speak French, lol.