Thursday, April 11, 2013

A-Z Challenge: J - Jordache Jean Jackets, Joan Jett, and Just One of the Guys!

And we're back with the letter J today in my hop on back to the past. 

Ah, Jordache Jean Jackets - you weren't anyone until you had one of these.  I had mine, decorated on one side with all my NKOTB pins.  :D

And good old Joan Jett, still going strong.  I had this album, LOVED I Hate Myself for Loving You, and even sang it at a talent show, all dressed up like Joan Jett.  Yes, there are pictures.  No, you won't be seeing them. 

Just One of the Guys:  the original "Girl dresses up as guy, goes to another school to make a point, but falls in love and discovers truths about herself she didn't recognize before..." movie that has been copied several times over since then.  Love this one.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I am loving your posts!! Such a trip down memory lane!!

  2. Love Joan Jett. "Album" was my favorite album.

  3. I definitely remember the jackets although I didn't own one.

  4. WOW you keep hitting on the movies I loved, back in the day. Just One of the Guys was one of them. Great job Jaycee!