Friday, June 21, 2013

The fun is about to begin in the #NACRUSHTOURNEY!

The crushes have been narrowed down to twenty, the advocates have been chosen, the brackets have been set up, and the hottest, most popular guys from New Adult novels are about to go head to head, doing battle to be titled the most crush-worthy guy in NA Fiction!    

Okay...I guess unless you've been living under a rock, aren't friends with myself or either of my NA Alley family on facebook/twitter, or just aren't into the whole New Adult thing, you've probably heard about the NA Crush Tourney.  If not, be sure to go check it out and get in on the fun!  Look for the hashtag on twitter, and make sure to get in and vote on voting days!   It's kicking off on Tuesday!


  1. Heard of it!! Not a NA writer, but I have read the genre.

  2. I had not heard of it - I'll have to check it out.