Wednesday, March 12, 2014

5 Writer's T-shirts on my must have list...

It doesn't happen often, but last night I had a little free time, and somehow ended up looking at T-shirts for authors.  While doing so, I ended up finding these 5 shirts that I want.

I do this allllll the time.  



Too true.

Waahh!  When will my imaginary friends come back?

Anyone else know some cool author's T-shirts?  Please share.  I find these highly amusing and entertaining.


  1. Hey Jaycee!! How are you?? Funny, I just saw these t's on Amazon the other night and was laughing like crazy. I want ALL but the first. I have too many problems with my own grammar, (as you know all too well) to judge anyone else for theirs. LOL

  2. Hah! Loving the shirts! All the phrases on them are so, so true...